Litoral Norte - Lucena

Average Time: 07:00
Departure time: 08:00 - 10:00

Route: Ferry in Cabedelo, Costinha Beach, Guia Church, Gamileira Beach, Dutch, Lucena, Barra do Miriri, Bom Sucesso Ruin

Stop for Bath: Dutch, Lucena and Barra do Miriri

Cabedelo Ferry Crossing to Lucena: The ferries are used to cross the Paraíba River. Arriving at Cabedelo, head for the ferry, which is on the banks of the Paraíba River mouth. This meeting from Rio with the sea is breathtaking. Here begins the adventure and ritual of beauties until the municipality of Lucena, metropolitan region of João Pessoa. The crossing takes about 30 minutes. Ferry value not included. R $ 20,00 per vehicle.

Costinha Beach: Beach of the municipality of Lucena in Paraíba, Costinha is known to be where there is the landing of the Ferry that makes the route Cabedelo - Lucena and vice versa. A fishing beach and where the only movement is from vehicles entering and leaving the ferry.

Guia Church: Next to Costinha beach is Guia Sanctuary. The construction of the Church began in the late sixteenth century and finished in the mid-seventeenth century. It is a limestone building made in baroque style. On its façade are represented wild plants and fruits typical of the region. In front of the Sanctuary, since the beginning of the operation of this one, a cemetery was constructed for the region that until today is used.

Beach Gamileira: A quiet and fishing beach in the city of Lucena in Paraíba. Its calm and warm waters are a pleasant invitation for tourists seeking peace. In its return it is possible to be noticed several constructions of high luxury, to around it are also noticed mangroves and the population of the area is small.

Beach of the Dutch: First stop for bath. One of the most valued beaches of Lucena. Quiet sea ideal for diving.

Beach of Lucena: Second stop for bath. Very extensive beach that has shallow and warm water. When the sea is low, you can walk hundreds of meters into the sea: impressive! There are only fishermen there, and nature is untouched! These sandbanks that go into the sea are the result of the opposite currents of the sea and the Paraíba River

Barra do Miriri: Third stop for bath. The bar of the Miriri river is stunning. The view of the encounter of the river Miriri, Bonsucesso river and the sea is beautiful. Incredibly colorful coconut palms and cliffs. Choose from a sea, river or lagoon bath.

Ruins Bom Sucesso Church: Ruins located by the IPHAEP (Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage of the State of Paraíba), located in the middle of nature. Its construction was by initiative of Mr. Bernardo Pereira in 1789 and attributed to the Order of the Carmelites. In the ruins of the Church of Bonsucesso there is presence of an imposing gameleira that supports part of its structure. It is located very close to the Miriri River, place of encounter with the sea. In this region is the Bonsucesso Beach which is an extension of the Beach of Lucena.

Not Included in the Tour:

- Food and beverage expenses

- Not included value of the Ferry - Crossing of the Paraiba River to Lucena - R$ 20,00 per car.