Litoral Sul

Average Time: 06:00
Departure time: 08:00 - 10:00

How about enjoying the beauties of the South Coast of João Pessoa? Located between the capital Recife (104 kilometers) and João Pessoa (27 kilometers), the city of Conde has one of the most beautiful scenery in the state of Paraíba. Composed of a rich mixture of landscapes, the destination gathers beaches between rivers, Atlantic Forest vegetation, multicolored Cliffs, natural pools, cove and springs by the sea.

Barra de Gramame: Encounter of the river Gramame with the waters of the sea. When the tide is high it invades the river and when it is low the river invades the sea. Still little explored, but already with some structure of bars and restaurant. Crystalline waters and beautiful coconut trees.

Jacuma: Its natural beauty usually attracts tourists during the summer. It has a good range of clear sand, slightly agitated sea with small waves conducive to bathing and practice sports like Kitesurf.

Praia do Amor: Cliffs and rock formations, a quiet place to relax. There we find “Pedra Furada”, which according to an indigenous legend, if touching it or passing through it guarantees luck in love. Perfect setting where couples swear eternal love.

Praia de Coqueirinho: Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Very visited due to the "big pool" area protected by the reefs. Warm water and few waves, ideal for bathing, including children. The coconut palms of the waterfront embellish the landscape and provide refreshment on warmer days. From the top of the Dedo de Deus lookout points and Princess Castle you can see the beautiful bays and rock formations that play with the imagination.

Mirante Dedo de Deus: Tourist point of the Beach of Coqueirinho in the county of Conde. Access is only by car. The view from the belvedere is breathtaking. From there you can see all the beauty of this beach.

Mirante Castelo da Princesa: The viewpoint of the Princess Castle is one of the privileged points offered by nature for the tourist to appreciate the natural beauties of the Costa do Conde.

Tambaba: It is the beach that most arouses the curiosity of the visitors, because it was the first beach, officially, naturist of the Brazilian Northeast. It is divided into two areas. The first one has beautiful natural pools formed by reefs near the sand strip and the second where it is only allowed to remain naked in full, of clothes and prejudices.