Roteiro Barrinha/Lagoas + Seguro APP

Average Time: 06:00
Distance: 50km
Departure time: 08:00 - 14:00

Main attractions:

TRACKS OF THE NATIONAL PARK OF JERICOACOARA route that takes us to all other local tourist attractions amidst native vegetation and lots of sand.

ÁRVORE DA PREGUICA, native tree of the isolated region in the sands of the National Park of Jericoacoara. Because of the strong continuous winds, she grew curved, as if lying down or dragging along the ground.

PRAIA DO PREA, is one of the most extensive beaches of the coast of Ceará and due to strong winds is ideal for those who want to learn, practice or even accompany national and international kite surfers. Good infrastructure of bars and restaurants.

LAGOA DO PARAISO E LAGOA AZUL, that are between the municipalities of Jijoca de Jericoacoara and Cruz, are obligatory stops. Fine sand and transparent waters in shades of green and blue. The Blue Lagoon, with a more rustic structure, is a stopping point for buggy rides. Simple tents and wooden trampolines. Lagoa do Paraíso offers an infrastructure of bars and restaurants with loungers and hammocks. Even charging entrance, one of the most visited spots is the Alchymist Beach Club, modern, refined and most complete in the area.

BARRINHA, Barrinha beach is a fishing village, still little explored by tourists. A paradisiacal place with dunes and crystalline lagoons. It has beautiful lush landscapes along the beach. It is possible to see some ruined houses of an old village buried by sand dunes. Enjoy lobsters and shrimps in a rustic restaurant on top of the Dunes.

LAGOA DO AMANCIO, quick stop for photos in this lagoon formed by rainwater in an oasis of sand.

JERI SUNSET, return in time to enjoy the famous and spectacular sunset of Jeri from above the Dune Sunset.

Not Included in the Tour:

- Expenses with food and beverages.


Not necessarily this is the order of the itinerary of the tour that can be combined with the driver according, for example, where the tourist wants to have lunch * The landscapes can be changed due to the climatic conditions, according to the time of year and rainwater. * The departure time may suffer some variation due to the tide board. If so, we will contact you.