Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)

·       Which information is collected by EasyTour.app?

The information that EasyTour.app collects for your experience with the platform be excellent – either if is to connect the users and the associate driver, help you to arrive anywhere you like, improve the security or to maintain your contact with us and other people. This includes the data that you provide to us (like the information in your account) and the data that we collect when our services are used by you (like the location data).

·       How the EasyTour.app uses my location data?

EasyTour.app helps you to arrive anywhere you like. For that reason, the location data are essential to our services. With them, we can help the users and the associate drivers to find each other, we can suggest better ways to arrive in a place, we can exhibit to the users the ride progress (with this they can share the estimated arrival time with the friends), we can develop news resources and services, we can improve the security and other applications that are described in our Privacy Policy.

·       EasyTour.app shares my information with someone?

Some EasyTour.app’ products, services and resources require the share of information with other users. For example, when you request a ride, the place of departure and the destination are shared with the associate driver. If you want, the information also can be shared with other persons, when you use the resource of share the ride status with your family and friends. We also can share information with affiliated companies, subsidiaries and business partners, by legal reasons or in case of contestation.

·       How the EasyTour.app protects the collected information?

We take the security of your information seriously. EasyTour.app uses security methods as encryption, authentication, fraud detection and a secure software development to protect your information. We also have an extensive team of specialists in data security and privacy. They work all the time to prevent fraud, theft or abusive use of information.

·       EasyTour.app rent or sell my information?

No, EasyTour.app don’t rent or sell your personal data to anyone.

·       For how long EasyTour.app maintain my information?

EasyTour.app maintain your information while you have the account. You can ask for total exclusion of your account or of a specific information, like the synchronize contacts of your phone. However, EasyTour.app can maintain some information even if you asked the exclusion of your account if there is a legal demand, or if the account have a pendency (like unused credits) or if there is a necessity by security reasons.

·       How can I know and control which information EasyTour.app collects from me?

By our apps, websites and system settings of your smartphone, you can:

  • See your review about an associate driver;
  • Define or change your privacy settings, including the location data, the access to your contacts and the calendar;
  • Choose not receives promotional messages;
  • Exclude your EasyTour.app account (even we regret that you are leaving)