EasyTour.app – Privacy Policy



When you use the EasyTour.app’s applications , in web or in mobile device, of CYBER FOCUS TECNOLOGIA LTDA’s property, you trust us with your information and we are committed to keeping that trust. That starts with helping you understanding our privacy practices.

This policy describes the information that we collect, how they are used and shared, and your options related to this information. We recommend that you read our frequent privacy questions, which highlights that main points of our privacy practices.

Came into force: August 28, 2018

Data controller

The company that is responsible for the treatment of the data related to your information is CYBER FOCUS TECNOLOGIA LTDA, limited liability company, based in Brazil, with registered head office at Avenue Marcos Penteado de Ulhôa Rodrigues, 939, 8° floor, 802 – tower Jacarandá – city of Barueri – SP, CEP 06460-040, registered in the tax id number. 14.420.344/0001-64, identified hereinafter referred collectively as “EasyTour.app .


Data Collection and Use

This policy applies to any service’s user provided by EasyTour.app worldwide to any people that contact the EasyTour.app to:

  • Request or receive transportation services (Users)
  • Provide individual transport or thought transport or partner transportation companies (drivers partners)
  • Request delivery of orders or other items (recipients of the delivery)
  • Provide delivery services (Delivery Partners)
  • Any other services user of EasyTour.app ‘s applications (including apps, websites and API) any person that contact EasyTour.app, unless it is subject to a different policy, notice or privacy agreement.

Collected Information

EasyTour.app collects the following types of information through your applications:

  • Information that you give when you create your account;
  • Information created when you use our services, like device location, utilization and information.
  • Information of other sources, like our partners and third parties that uses our API.

EasyTour.app collects the following information:

  1. Information that you provide

This includes information sent when you:

§   Create or update your EasyTour.app’s account, depending of your location and of the services that you use. That may include your name, e-mail, telephone number, login, password, address, payment or bank account information, tax number, birth date and photo.

§   Send information about your vehicle (for partner drivers)

§   Authorizes a security verification (for partner drivers, if allowed by law)

§   Request services through an application or web site of EasyTour.app

§   Contact EasyTour.app, including for customer support

§   Contact other EasyTour.app’s users thought our services

§   Answer researches sent by EasyTour.app

§   Enables resources that require access from the EasyTour.app to your contacts or calendar

  1. Created information when you use our services


Location data

§  Depending of the EasyTour.app’s services that use uses and the settings of your app or device permissions, we can collect your location data accurate or approximate as determined through data such as GPS, IP address and Wi-Fi.

§  If you are a driver or delivery partner, the system collects location data when the application is running in the foreground (app open and on screen) or background (app open but not on screen) on your device.

§  If you are a user, the system can collect location information when the application is running in the foreground.  In certain regions, the system may also collect this information when the app is running in the background on your device if it is enabled in your app's settings or device permissions. Users and delivery users and recipients can use the application without the permission to the system collects de location data. However, this can affect the may affect the features available in your application. In addition, location data will be collected through the partner driver during your trip, even if you have not allowed the app to collect location data from your device.


Transaction Information

§  We collect transaction information related to the use of our services, including the types of requested or provided services, the date and time that the service was rendered, the charged value, the distance traveled, and other information related to the transaction. Also, if anyone used your promotional code, we can associate your name with that person.


Usage and preference information

§  We collect information about how you interact with our services, express your preferences, and selected settings. In some cases, we do this using cookies and other technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers.


Device Information

§  We may collect information about the devices you use to access our services, including hardware type, operating systems and versions, software, file names and versions, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, information on moving the device and data from the mobile network.


Log Information

§  When you interact with our services, we collect server logs, which may include information such as device IP address, dates and times of access, features or app pages viewed, app failures and other system activity, browser type and website or third-party service that you were using before interacting with our services.


Text Messages

§  We allow partner drivers and users and delivery partners and recipients to send text messages to each other without revealing their phone numbers. To provide this service, the application receives some information about text messages, including the date and time of the text message and its contents. The application can also use this information for customer support services (including resolving disputes between users) for security and analysis.


Address book and calendar information

§  If you give permission for the application access your address book of your device, we can collect names and contact information in your contacts list to facilitate the social interactions through our services and for other purposes described in this policy or at the time of authorization or collection. If you allow the app to access the calendar on your device, we collect calendar information, such as event name and description, your answer (Yes, No, Maybe), date and time, location, and number of participants.

  1. Another sources information

May include:

§  Users that give feedback, like reviews or accomplishments

§  Commercial partners of EasyTour.app , through which you create or access your account, such as payment providers, social media services, on-demand music services, or apps or sites that use EasyTour.app’s API or that are used by the EasyTour.app API. 

§  Financial service providers (if you are a driver or a delivery partner)

§  Partner transport companies (if you are a partner driver who uses our Services through an account associated with that company)

§  Publicly available sources

§  Marketing service providers.


EasyTour.app may combine the information collected from these sources with other information in our possession.


How we use the information

EasyTour.app collect and use the information to make possible the transportation, delivery and other products or services by a trust and practical way. We also use the collect information for:

  • Improve the security of our users and services
  • For client support
  • For research and improvement
  • To enable communication with or between users
  • To offer promotions or sweepstakes
  • As required for legal proceedings

EasyTour.app do not sell or share your personal information with third party for direct marketing of third parties.

EasyTour.app also uses collect information for:

  1. Provision of services and resources

We use the collect information to provide, customize, maintain and improve our products and services. This includes using the information to:

§   Enable transportation, deliveries and other services

§   Process or facilitate payments for these services

§   Offer, obtain, provide or facilitate warranty solutions or financing for our services

§   Enable features that allow you to share information with others, such as when you send a compliment about a driver partner, tell a friend to use our system, share values or share the arrival forecast

§  Enable features to customize your EasyTour.app account, like how to create bookmarks for your favorite places

§   Perform internal necessary operations to provide our services, including to solve software and operational problems, conduct data analysis, tests and surveys and monitor and analyze the use and trends of the activity.

  1. Security

We use your data to help and maintain the security and integrity of our services. For example, we collect information of our partner drivers’ devices to identify behaviors of dangerous driving, such as speed above the limit or abrupt braking and acceleration and raise the awareness among the partners drivers about these behaviors. 

  1. Client Support

We use the collect information (including support calls to the client records after notifying you and your concern) to help when you contact the services of client support, including for:

§   Send your questions to the customer support officer

§   Investigate and solve problems

§   Monitor and improve our customer support responses

  1. Search and Improvement

We can use the collect information to make tests, research, analysis and products improvement. This allows us to improve and make the security of our services better, to develop new resources and products and facilitate finance solutions and warranties associated with our services.

  1. Communication between users

EasyTour.app uses the collect information to make possible the communication between users. For example, a partner driver can send a text message or make a call to a user to confirm the departure location, or a restaurant or a delivery partner can call a delivery recipient with information about your order.

  1. EasyTour.app Communication

EasyTour.app can use the collect information to communicate with you about products, services, promotions, studies, surveys, news, updates and events. EasyTour.app also can use the information to promote and process competitions and sweepstakes, complete any related awards, and deliver relevant ads and content about our services and the services of our business partners.

  1. Legal procedures and requirements

We can use the collect information to investigate and solve claims or contests relating to the use of the services offered by EasyTour.app or as permitted by the applicable law.


Cookies and third-party technologies

EasyTour.app and its partners uses cookies and other identification Technologies in our apps, websites, e-mails and online advertising for the purposes described in this policy.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser or device by websites, apps, online media and advertising. EasyTour.app uses cookies and similar Technologies to:

  • Authenticate users
  • Remember the user’s settings and preferences
  • Determine the popularity of a content
  • Delivery and evaluate the efficacy of advertising campaign
  • Analyze traffic and website trends to understand the behaviors and interests of people interacting with our online services

We may also allow third parties to provide audience measurement and analysis for us, to offer advertising on our behalf on the Internet and to track and disclose the performance of those advertisings. These entities may use cookies and other Technologies to identify when you visit our website or use our services, also when you visit other websites or online services.

Please refer to our Cookie Information for more details on the use of cookies and other technologies described in this section, including your choices with respect to such technologies.

Share and Information Disclosure

Certain products, services and resources of EasyTour.app determine that we share information with other users or with your request. We can also share your information with our affiliates, subsidiaries and business partners, by legal purposes or by a dispute case.

EasyTour.app can share the collect information:

  1. With other users

§  For example, if you are a user, we can share with partner drivers your first name, the average ratings given by partner drivers and places of departure and / or destination.

§   If you are a partner driver or partner delivery, we can share information with the users, including your name and photo; manufacturer, model, color, plate and vehicle photo; your location; your average ratings given by users; and contact information (depending on applicable laws). If you choose to fill a partner driver profile, we may also any information related with this profile, including information that you sent and compliment that other users sent about you. The delivery user/recipient also will receive a receipt with the information, such as detailing the amounts charged, your first name, photo, map of your route and other details of the transaction.

  1. When requested

Includes the information sharing with:

§  Other people when requested by you. For example, we can share your arrival and location prediction with a friend when requested by you, or your travel information when sharing a value with a friend.

§  Business Partners of EasyTour.app . For example, if you requested a service through a partnership or promotional offer made by a third party, we may share your information with such third parties. This may include, for example, other apps or websites that interacts with our APIs or services, or those with an API or service that we are integrated, or business partners which EasyTour.app can be associate to offer a promotion or competition or specialized service.

  1. With the public when you submit content to a public platform

We love to hear our users, including thought public platforms, like blogs, social medias and certain resources of our network. When you communicate with us thought those channels, your messages can be visible to the public.

  1. With the EasyTour.app account holder that you can use

If you use an associate profile of other person, we can share your travel information with the profile owner.

  1. With EasyTour.app’s subsidiaries and affiliates

We share information with our subsidiaries and affiliates to help us to provide our services and conduct the data processing in our name.

6.      With EasyTour.app’s service providers and business partners

We may provide information to our sellers, consultants, marketing partners, research companies and other service providers or business partners. For example, we may provide information to these parties to help conduct searches on our behalf and process payments for our services.

  1. For legal reasons or in case of dispute

EasyTour.app may share your information if we believe that is required by law, regulation, applicable operating agreement, legal process or official request.

§  This includes your information sharing with employees of police/judicial authorities, public authorities or other third parties if necessary to comply with our Terms of Service, user agreements or other policies, to protect the rights or property of EasyTour.app or the rights or property of third parties or, in the case of a claim or dispute relating to your use of our services. If you use someone else's credit card, you may be required by law to share information with the holder of that credit card, including travel information.

§  This also includes sharing your information with associated third parties, or during negotiations of any merger, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing or acquisition of all or part of our business by or in another company.

  1. With your consent

EasyTour.app can share your information differently than described in this policy if we notify you and you agree to share the information.


Withholding and exclusion of information

EasyTour.app will retain your information while your account be active, unless you request the exclusion of your information or of your account. In some cases, we may retain certain information about you as required by law or for other purposes as described in this section, even if you delete your account.

Subject to applicable laws, EasyTour.app can retain information after the account exclusion:

1.      If there is a non-solved question related to your account, such as a credit outstanding on your account or an unresolved claim or dispute;

2.      If applicable laws require; and/or an aggregate and/or anonymous form.

3.      We can also retain certain information, if necessary, to our lawful commercial interest, such as fraud prevention and improvement of user security. For example, if a user account is terminated because of an unsafe behavior or security incident, information about that account may be retained to prevent that user from opening a new EasyTour.app account in the future.


Options and Transparency

Device permissions

Most part of the mobile platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) defines certain types of device data which apps cannot access without your consent. These platforms have various permission systems to get your consent. The iOS platform will alert you at the first time that the application needs the permission to access certain data types and will allow you to consent (or not) this request. The Android devices will notify you about the permissions that application needs before you use the app for the first time and your use of the app already constitutes your consent.  


Preview of the reviews

After each travel, the users can evaluate the drivers and give feedback about the travel. This two-ways system makes everyone responsible for their behavior. Responsibility helps create a respectful and safe environment for partner drivers and users.


Access and rectification of your information

You can edit your name, telephone number and e-mail address associated to your account thought the app’s menu Settings. You also can search for you travel history, requests and deliveries in the apps. You also can request access, rectification or a copy of your information by contacting EasyTour.app .


Option to not receive marketing

You can choose to not receive e-mails and other messages, following the instructions contained in those messages. Watch that if you choose to not receive we can also continue to send non-promotional messages, such as your travel receipts and your account information.


Policy Update

Occasionally, we may update this policy. If we make weighty updates, we will notify those changes thought our application or by other means, like e-mail. If permitted by applicable law, when using our services after such notice, you will agree to our updates regarding this policy.

We recommend that you review this policy to know the recent information about our privacy practices.