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This website uses cookies to offer for the users a custom and secure experience. The Cookies allows us to understand the behavior of the user in his website’s access to improve our website. We can hire third parties to collect cookies in this website to vehiculate advertising for you in other websites. When you continue navigating in our website, you agree with our cookie’s utilization.


Came into force: August 28, 2018

We and our affiliated companies, third parties and other business partners uses the cookies and other identification Technologies in our websites, mobile application, e-mail messages, advertising and other online services (together, the “Services”) for different purposes, like: users authentication, determine the content popularity, vehiculate and measure the advertising campaign efficacy, analyze the traffic and website’s trend and understand, in a general way, the behavior and the online interests of the people that Interact with our Services. Here you can have more detailed information about the types of cookies that we use, why we use and how you can make your choices Worth.

General understanding about cookies and related technologies

Cookies are small files of text that websites, applications, digital media and advertising keep in your browser or device to recognize you in future visits in the same website or in other websites. We also use other technologies that can identify you and the devices that you use. For example, “pixel tags” (also called beacons) are small code blocks installed (or evoked) by a webpage, app or advertising that can recover certain information about your device and browse, for example: type of device, operational system, type and browse version, visited websites, time of the visit, website of you came from, IP address, advertising identifiers and other similar information, including the small file text (the cookie) that serves to unique identifier of the device. The pixels are the means that the third parties can collect and read the browse cookies in a domain that is not operated by them to collect information about the site visitors of the domains, usually with the permission of the domain owner. In general, “local storage” refers to other location in a browse or device that the information can be stored by websites, advertising or third parties (like the local storage HTML5 and browse cache). The “software development kit” (also called as SDKs) works like the pixels and cookies, but operates in the mobile application context, where the pixels and cookies don’t work properly. The main developer can install codes of partners (here we can understand SDK) in your app to allow the partner to collect certain information about the interaction of the user with the app, as well as the information about the device and user network.

Ad sync and relevance

To EasyTour.app ads have the greatest relevance possible, we work with various services providers that helps us to vehiculate similar advertising to final users in various devices and platforms. For example, we work with social media ad services to vehiculate to you relevant advertising in accordance to your activities with EasyTour.app   in these media channels. We can also hire services providers to vehiculate to you advertising in applications or mobile websites similar that are vehiculate in tradition websites. See more information below about your options to restrict this type of advertising.

Your options

You have the right to choose if you want accept cookies or not. However, they are important to maintain our Services working. Hence, know that the refusal or removal of the cookies can affect the availability and functionality of our Services.

By default, mostly of the browses are configured to accept cookies. If you want, generally is possible to configure the browse to refusal or removal cookies. To do that, follow the instructions provided by the browse, generally located in the section “Help” or “Preferences”. Some third parties also provide a link to direct refuse they cookies. In the screen below, we indicate where is possible to do that.

The removal or refusal of the browse cookies not necessary affects the third parties flash cookies, that can be used by us or by our business partners in relation with our Services. For more information about how delete or disable flash cookies, access this website . For more information about cookies, including the cookies that are in your device and how to manage or delete them, access https://youradchoices.com  , or   www.youronlinechoices.eu  , to users in Europe Union.

In case of users of mobile devices, the operational system has controls that allows the user to choose if he/she wants to accept cookies or share your identities for advertising proposes with companies like Cyber Focus Tecnologia Ltda or our ad services providers. For more information about how to manage your options in mobile devices, access www.networkadvertising.org/mobile-choices  .

To control or block certain advertising in mobile devices, an option is to download and use the app DAA, available in https://youradchoices.com/appchoices

Cookies Types and functions

The table below defines the different categories of cookies used in our Services and why they are used. The list of third parties’ cookies providers are just to illustrate, not to inform.

Cookie Type


Who provides (for example)

Authentication Cookies

These cookies (including the related of local storage and similar Technologies) inform us the moment of your access log to, with that, we can exhibit the experience and adequate resources, like your account information and the travel history to edit the settings of your account.

· EasyTour.app

Security and integrity Cookies of the website

We use these cookies to give support or enable the security resources that contribute to maintain the protection and the security of EasyTour.app’s app . They allow us, for example, to remember when you are connected to a security services area and help us to protect your account of improper access.

· EasyTour.app


Help the EasyTour.app’s app to provide a localized experience. We can, for example, store information of a cookie placed in your browse and device to make you access the website in the language that you prefer.

· EasyTour.app

Website services and resources

Provide features that help us to offer products and services. For example, when you make the login, the cookies help you to pre-filled fields. We also can use cookies and similar technologies to help us provide to you and to third parties social plugins and other experiences and custom content, like present to you and to third parties our suggestions.

· EasyTour.app

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Google

Analyze and search

These cookies are used to understand, improve and search products and services, including when you access the EasyTour.app website, related websites or mobile device. For example, we can use the cookie to understand how you are using the website resources and targeting audiences for resource tests. We and our business partners can use the technologies and the received information to improve and understand the manner that you use websites, applications, products, services and advertising.

· Google

· MixPanel

· Optimizely


Resources like cookies and pixels are used to provide relevant advertising to control the efficacy and the performance of advertising campaign. For example, we and our advertising partners can trust in the obtained information by these cookies to exhibit advertising that can be of your interest in our websites. In the same way, our business partners can use cookies, cookies services, assignment services or similar technologies to determine if we already show an advertising and how was the performance, or to provide information about your interaction with the advertising.  For more information about advertising based in your interest or to choose not to have your web browsing information used for behavioral advertising purposes, access www.aboutads.info/choices, if you are in United States, or      https://youronlinechoices.eu/  to other locations.

· EasyTour.app

· Google

· Facebook


· Microsoft

· Yahoo

· Drawbridge

· Indeed

· Recruitics

· RocketFuel

· Simplyhired

· Twitter

· Ziprecruiter

· Mixpanel

· HasOffers/Tune

· Adjust

· AdRoll


If you have any doubt about our use of cookies, contact Cyber Focus Tecnologia Ltda.